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Broken Line

The Broken Line Podcast is the brainchild of Patrick Olson and Aaron Eickhorst. This podcast is targeted toward the outdoor/ hunting and fishing enthusiasts and the conversations that usually take place amongst that group of people. We cover topics that are local (Bemidji, MN), regional (northern MN) state wide and some national subjects. This is bar/bait shop banter brought to the masses! Together Patrick and Aaron have over 17 years in the outdoor industry from working with companies, and sponsors to filming and editing so many great outdoor adventures. This gives the Broken Line Podcast a great way to banter and chat about the outdoors but in a different point of view because we live in the backside of the outdoors. People wanna know the behind the scenes stuff to shows, companies and the true outdoors. This gives us an advantage over other people in the outdoors, we are a brand new podcast that as of right now controls the ice belt. There is no other podcast in the northland with the style fishing that does what we are doing and we are happy to attack this area. Outdoor ice fisherman, tv show hosts, open water fisherman, and many other great guests that come our way. We do podcasts with tons of guests that live and bread the outdoors, and we are excited to see where it takes off. We cover our podcast in a few ways ; we do an audio podcast that is on various networks from iTunes, soundcloud, google play store and apps. We also film every one of our podcasts giving an opportunity to showcase subjects we talk about, sponsor products, and also some awesome outdoor adventures. Like we stated above we are new and taking off, as of right now we do one podcast a week with random guests thrown in as of right now every other week or so. We are always doing new things to our podcast and in the next season we are going to be adding different fun new things. With our background and working with many different sponsors in our field we are looking for some fun awesome companies to jump on board with us early before we get hardcore into this. We are hoping that you take a chance with us to get crazy and add your great products to our show. Who knows where we will be in a year with how many people we know in the industry we cant wait to see this take off in a positive direction.

Meet the Hosts

Patrick Olson: Patrick was born and raised in northern Minnesota, Side Lake, MN, to be exact. His father was a hunter, trapper and outdoorsman and introduced him to the wonders of the woods and water. It wasn’t long and Patrick found his true calling in the outdoor world. Fishing was and still is his passion! As a youngster, grew up wanting to be a professional bass angler. Over the years, things changed for him and discover that multi-species angling was his thing! Many years later and lots of broken lines, lost fish, and sore hands, he found him self in the professional ice fishing scene. Patrick is currently living out his childhood dream of fishing professionally with Fish Addictions TV!

Aaron Eickhorst: Aaron  was born and raised in Wisconsin where he got his first taste into the great outdoors. In 2003 he moved to Northern Minnesota where he furthered his love for the outdoors. When he was 19 he began filming for some major outdoor tv shows and companies. In the last 7 years he has worked on a few amazing outdoor networks, from NBC sports outdoors, the vs. channel, the sportsmans channel, the outdoor channel, and now currently is a CO/Owner his own fishing show on Fox sports north and Fox sports Wisconsin. He loves the great outdoors and is so deep in the industry he has many different outlooks and opportunities. He will continue to promote and grow all his wonderful companies and techniques. Since 2011 he has been an outdoor filmer, audio editor, video editor, and producer for many shows and companies that has made him a better person and see a different outlook on the great outdoors. He isn’t slowing down and is ready for more amazing outdoor adventures to come his way. Currently he is a co/owner to fish addictions tv and the broken line podcast, fish addictions tv has been on tv for one year and currently filming their second season. Fish addictions tv last year hit over 2 million views and we cant wait to see what this upcoming season does. Broken Line Podcast is currently a brand new project that Patrick and Aaron are excited to take off.

Aaron has over 7 years in production in the outdoors and has many different outlooks in the outdoors and cant wait for more!

Aaron Eickhorst

CO/Owner & CO/Host


Patrick Olson

CO/Owner & CO/Host

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